COTO Specifications Chapters 13 and 14 Structures & Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures 23 – 24 June 2021

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The new COTO Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Works for South African Road Authorities, October 2020 was approved by the Committee of Transport Officials as an official Draft Standard and will be replacing the COLTO Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Works for State Road Authorities (1998 edition).

Chapter 13 for Structures in the new Specifications does not differ significantly in its requirements from Series 6000 of the COLTO Specifications excepting for the section on Concrete. Chapter 14 for the Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures is an entirely new Chapter which did not exist in the COLTO Specifications and was previously covered by Project Specifications issued by SANRAL and other Road Authorities. Complete new measurement and payment items have been created in both chapters. The course will familiarise practitioners with the new specifications, measurement, and payment items in the two chapters, as well as related sections in other chapters.


Attendance of the course will be beneficial to ail practitioners involved in Structures design and construction and testing of materials such as Road Authorities, Consulting Engineers, Compilers of Procurement Documentation, Contractors, Tendering and Pricing Departments, and Materials Laboratories. Commercial suppliers of materials for Structures and Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures will also gain knowledge of the new material specifications especially for Durability Concrete.


The course programme will include:

Day 1

  • Introducation
  • Overview of the COTO Specification
  • Section 13.1 Foundations
  • Section 13.2 Falsework, Formwork and Concrete Finish
  • Section 13.3 Steel Reinforcement
  • Section 13.4 Concrete
  • Section 13.5 Prestressing
  • Section 13.6 Bearings
  • Section 13.7 Joints
  • Section 13.8 Ancillary Structural Elements
  • Section 13.9 Structural Steelwork for Minor Structures
  • Section 13.10 Painting of Minor Structures
  • Section 13.11 Structural Steelwork for Major Structures
  • Section 13.12 Structural Steel Protective Coatings of Major Structures
  • Section 13.13 Incremental Launching of Bridge Decks
  • Section 13.14 Specialist Structures

Day 2

  • Section 14.1 Access for Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Section 14.2 Corrosion Survey Methods and Testing of Near Surface Properties
  • 3 Demolition and Removal of Structural Concrete and Steelwork.
  • Section 14.4 Surface and Structural Repair of Concrete Members
  • Section 14.5 Anchoring of Reinforcement, Grouting and Crack Injection
  • Section 14.6 Sprayed Concrete for Structures
  • Section 14.7 Protective Coatings and Treatments for Concrete
  • Section 14.8 External Bonding of Steel and Carbon Fibre
  • Section 14.9 Repair and Replacement of Ancillary Structural Elements
  • Section 14.10 Jacking of Bridge Structures
  • Section 14.11 Repair of Steel Elements.
  • Chapter 20 Section 20.1 – Quality assurance.

Presenters: Edwin Kruger and David Temple

Delegates can claim 2 ECSA CPD points

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  • SARF Virtual

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  • 2021-06-23 08:30   -   2021-06-24 16:00
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