Understanding and Managing Road Safety Audits 22 – 23 June 2023 Virtual

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SARF Virtual

ECSA CPD Service Provider: SP_035/2025

Why Road Safety Audits?

The toll from road crashes remains an important health and economic issue in South Africa. More than 14 000 people died in road crashes in 2016, with the long-term trend still showing no significant signs of improvement.  An emphasis on preventative measures to reduce road safety risks on roads are required. Well-documented experience in Europe, Australia and elsewhere shows that Road Safety Audits are both effective and cost beneficial as a proactive safety improvement tool. This is reflected in the growing number of countries, both developed and developing, that have introduced Road Safety Audits.

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL)’s policy is to conduct road safety audits on all road improvement or new road projects. This is in line with the South African Road Safety Strategy 2016 which states that road safety audits should be made compulsory by all road authorities.

The first two-day course is aimed at

  •  professionals involved in road safety studies,
  • professionals involved with road designs and maintenance,
  • public sector officials responsible for the management, maintenance or provision of roads,
  • law enforcers who need to gain an understanding of the purpose and scope of road safety audits and appraisals, or
  • any individual vested in the management or betterment of road safety, interested in furthering their technical knowledge of the road safety field with a focus on the road environment itself.

Please Note: That this two day course is the first two days of the 5 day course and that the participants need do the practical 3 days whenever we have the opportunity to present them. 

Delegates can claim 2 ECSA CPD points  


Presenter:  Mr. Andile Gqaji PrTech Eng

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  • SARF Virtual
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  • South Africa

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  • 2023-06-22 08:00   -   2023-06-23 16:30
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