What exactly is advanced driving?

May 22, 2018

By Eugene Herbert


There is no straightforward answer to what an advanced driver is. At MasterDrive we determined that we wish each driver be seen as ACE (accomplished, competent and exceptional). This can be loosely termed as ‘a driver who is better than average’. Sadly, this is not a skill that comes automatically. It’s inevitably the result of training that instills a mindset that provides a foundation on which skills can develop and enhance.


But being an average driver is what causes much of our problems on the road. Therefore one’s driving should be better than the average driver in order to be considered advanced. That, however, is not where it ends – it has greater significance. This as a starter includes:


An open mind and an ongoing willingness to learn

An advanced driver is never complete. They should feel that no matter their accomplishments or how much experience they have, there is always something more to learn.


A realistic assessment of their own abilities

A good driver should never think they are better than they actually are. There is nothing more dangerous than a driver who thinks their skill level is higher than it is. An advanced driver is aware of their own skill level and ability.


A calm and composed attitude

A composed attitude keeps the driver at low risk and able to reassure passengers who can pick up on the drivers’ emotions. The correct attitude covers thoughts, feelings and also behaviour of our actions behind the wheel. An advanced driver will recognise this.


An ability to remove emotion from driving

A good driver doesn’t get into conflicts and has the ability to forgive others. Self-awareness of our emotions and also self-reflection after our journey are the foundation skills of an advanced driver.


An active imagination (not a distracted imagination)

Form driving plans around what you can see as well as what you can’t see. Imagine and anticipate hazards ahead. An advanced driver is not distracted by issues that are not relevant to the task at hand.


High level of concentration

An ability to concentrate is essential for any driver. Yet, the very best are also able to maintain a high level of concentration throughout any drive and never experience boredom or distraction.


Scanning and planning.

Actively driving (looking well ahead, not just the road immediately in front of the car) as well as using the information to the front and rear to plan your driving is the sign of an advanced driver. Poor scanning and planning can cause errors, lapses and traffic violations.


Smoothness with the controls.

Adopting a systematic approach to your driving will also make your driving smooth, save fuel and maintain vehicle stability at all times on the road.


Speed and Safety

An advanced driver has the ability to place the vehicle where it should be at the appropriate point on the road. The correct information, position, speed, gear and also acceleration all maximise safety.



Use our senses when driving – feel, see, hear and even smell to maintain an awareness of our surroundings.

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