How Should South Africa’s Roads Be Funded In Order To Benefit All Road Users And Support The Economy?

As the South African Road Federation, we believe that South Africa’s 750-kilometre road network must be funded in a way that is sustainable for the government, road authorities and road users. Roads need to be properly funded so that they can drive South Africa’s economy forward. They are important public assets that are crucial to a strong economy. When funding for road construction, expansion and maintenance are right, roads enable the movement of people and goods across the country in an efficient, safe and cost-effective way.

Watch our short video which outlines how SA’s roads are currently financed, unpacks the issues and puts forwards our proposals for funding roads in a way that is fair and equitable for all road users, transparent and based on sound engineering and economics.

Our proposals have been comprehensively researched by Stellenbosch University and are based on the premise that everyone should benefit from roads, whether they live in busy urban metropolitan areas or in remote rural districts, and that no one should be unfairly compromised when it comes to road pricing.

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