New cement and concrete industry body aims for growth, value, sustainability

New cement and concrete industry body aims for growth, value, sustainability.

CCSA CEO Bryan Perrie

1ST MARCH 2021




Anew industry organisation Cement and Concrete South Africa (CCSA) was launched on March 1 to create long-term shared value and industry growth in South Africa through collaboration, skills development, innovation and the highest standards in sustainable cement and concrete materials and products.

The CCSA has been mandated to promote and support the industry, to drive growth and deliver shared value through a unified platform for cement and concrete, says CEO Bryan Perrie.

The organisation will work with industry role players to develop the value propositions of cement and concrete, as one of the objectives of CCSA. Other goals include promoting the value creation story of the cement and concrete industry in South Africa, supporting research as a means of increasing the ongoing expertise base and promoting industry standards and audit compliance among members and industry role players.

Further, the CCSA will grow industry expertise and build capacity by developing and offering courses, seminars and training materials. The provision of information, research, advisory and on-site technical consulting services will be another service offering available to members, he said.

“The CCSA’s dedicated focus on committees will ensure that all relevant areas are addressed with expertise through consultation. The committee structures will empower members to guide and shape many of the services. The branch committees of the erstwhile Concrete Society of South Africa will be retained to ensure that CCSA will have concrete ambassadors in various regions,” said Perrie.

“At a time where many conflicting and ambiguous messages are shared readily on various platforms, and with the proliferation of substandard products and services, the need for authoritative engagement with all stakeholders is critical. The CCSA, through its members, will create the opportunity to build a healthier future through a network of influencers.”

A new and inclusive membership model will make the portfolio of services offered by CCSA available to individuals or corporates, either for free or at members’ discounted rates. These services include courses presented by the School of Concrete Technology, access to the Information Centre, attendance at technical events and webinars, publications and hyperlinked listings on various electronic sources.

“We are excited about the future of the cement and concrete industry in South Africa. The staff of the CCSA are ready to discuss membership options and benefits. We are poised to add value and unlock opportunities for all members, and the industry at large.”

“The new consolidated nonprofit industry body . . . is open for business and is set to take the lead on all matters relating to cement and concrete in South Africa,” said Perrie.

The CCSA was established through extensive and thorough engagement with various stakeholders to consolidate industry bodies The Concrete Institute (TCI), the Concrete Society of Southern Africa (CSSA) and the Association of Cementitious Material Producers (ACMP).

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