SACPCMP calls on construction industry to avoid being timid

SACPCMP calls on construction industry to avoid being timid

22nd May 2019

By: Simone Liedtke


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The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) has called on the South African construction industry to avoid being timid.

In an address at a Construction Industry Conversations forum, held last week, SACPCMP registrar Butcher Matutle encouraged the industry to “rise from the quagmire of despondency and do battle for our space and sphere of influence”.

He added that the SACPCMP believed in discussing topical issues that are beneficial to promoting the image, standing and reputation of the professions within the built environment.

As part of the forum, the SACPCMP hosted a discussion on the guideline professional fees, which is a statutory obligation enshrined in Section 34 of the Councils for the Built Environment Professions Act to, besides others, publish the guideline fees on a yearly basis.

“It is important to emphasise that the literal meaning of the word guideline does not infer a prescription that is cast in stone, but rather a basis to assist the procurer of services and the professional to achieve fair remuneration of the services to be rendered,” Matutle said.

He called for strength within the industry, as well as innovation and leadership, to set the standards of best practice.

“We need to tread with extreme caution on the issue of international best practice as it has the potential of retarding innovation,” he added


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