SARF Bursar – Dikonketso Maredi

I wanted to let you know that I will be graduating for my Bachelor Tech Civil Engineering Degree: Transportation on the 18th of May 2017 at 17:00 pm by University of Johannesburg APK campus . You and your staff made it possible for me .

As a recipient of the SARF bursary, I wanted to express my gratitude for helping to alleviate the financial burden of my University education. It is great to know that  my heart work both inside and outside of the classroom has not gone unnoticed.

On my graduation day for B Tech Degree, I got nostalgic and also kept my heart and mind still because it took me back to the sweat and tears that I shed years chasing my dreams, on a tiny budget my parents sent on E-Wallets. Definitely without your involvement and continuous support, I would not be able to aim high and reach my potential. Today I get to taste Victory and understand Discipline, the accomplishment of something so incredible that no one can take it away from me. Without donors like you, many students like myself would be unable the career of their dreams.

I just started a new job and its a six month contract on the 1st of May as a Resident Engineer for a Consulting company in Sunninghill. I am acquiring experience in the following area : The upgrading of gravel roads to surface standard and stormwater funded by Johannesburg Road Agency. I am the only woman in an office with men dominant career. I love the challenge, it is tough  But I am learning how to get things done, get better and I also come to know that it will definitely be rewarding in time. This I owe to less fortunate and under-presented social groups like myself on how to improve their socio-economic status and be free from poverty, nyaope and diseases with education and funding. Yes I believe and see that my country has so much to offer more than its past. Looking back it has been a whirlwind to say the least and I keep trying to remind myself to stay present, keep calm and try to enjoy this precious moment because all the experiences I have had, they made me strong matured lady and I learned to take them as they come. My prayer to myself is whatever I choose, I hope I choose not be a lady But to go and make interesting and amazing mistakes and also leave this world more interesting for be here and be “ME”.

My biggest goal I had coming out of University was attending courses to acquire CPD points in order to obtain my PR license to work in several fields of engineering. I want to draw plans and signing them. There is nothing refreshing than seeing your own ideas coming alive. I also want to pursue a career in Management Technology with University of Johannesburg since I’d like to assume a managerial responsibilities in the future and also working on my people skills.

Thank you for being on this journey with me and my heart is full because you’ve created HOPE that I never had all my life. I personally THANK YOU Mr Basil Jonsson to know you’ve invested in my well-being and future is surreal. You are a blessing to the WORLD and those lucky enough to have you in their lives. I still remember all your words when you’ve asked me WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT AM I BUSY WITH… I am not a crier but needless to say tears of HOPE were streaming because you gave me LIGHT and STRENGTH TO KEEP GOING as I was retrenched… ABOVE ALL YOU MADE ME FEEL THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN MY LIFE and I intend on always being there for all who needs me.

Thanks for everything and more Dikonketso Maredi


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