Transport Justice: A New Approach to Transport Planning in South Africa Cape Town 8 August 2019

2019-08-08 08:00 - 16:30 Cape Town

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South-Africa boasts a high-quality transport system, but one that hardly serves the entire population in a fair way. The disparities in mobility and accessibility between population groups are large. How has the common practice of transport planning contributed to creating these disparities? And how can transport professionals contribute to a narrowing of the gaps? This one-day Master Class, moderated by Professor Mark Zuidgeest and presented by Professor Karel Martens, aims to stimulate participants to reflect on the current practice of transport planning and to explore the potential of a radically new alternative. Drawing on his book Transport Justice, Professor Karel Martens will outline the new role of transport planners if they are to contribute to a more equitable transport system. He will present participants with state-of-the-art theory and concepts of transport justice, but will also reflect with them on how these concepts can be applied in the South African context using local examples. Participants should expect to be challenged by Martens’ work, but also to leave the Master Class with new inspiration for their everyday practice.


  • What are the justice principles underlying current approaches to transport planning?
  • Why does the practice of transport planning lead to biased transport investments?
  • How can theories of justice inform transport planning and policy?
  • What does it imply for transport professionals?
  • How can Transport Justice be implemented in the South-African context?


The Master Class is intended for both practitioners involved in transport planning and engineering and for decision-makers working in the transport sector. Academics will also find lots of food for thought! The course is relevant for all whose work is part of a transport planning and engineering effort, including professionals working on transport plans, forecasting and scenario development, transport modeling, project appraisal, transport impact assessment and more. The Master Class touches on all of these components. Decision-makers working at urban, regional or national scale will learn directly about a new transport planning approach that aligns with, and supports, the ambition of South-Africa’s government to create an inclusive and fair transport system.


  • To introduce the assumptions underlying the traditional approach to transport planning
  • To describe the far-reaching implications of the traditional approach to transport planning
  • To acquaint participants with theories of justice and their relevance for transport planning
  • To present a new approach to transport planning rooted in principles of justice
  • To demonstrate how Transport Justice can inform transport planning in South-Africa

Presenters : Professor Karel Martens Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (IL) + Radboud University (NL)

Professor Mark Zuidgeest (UCT)

Delegates can claim 1 CPD point