Perspectives on Traffic Impact Assessment Gauteng May 2019

2019-05-29 08:00 - 17:00 Gauteng

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Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) are required to determine the traffic impact of a land development proposal and whether such development can be accommodated by the transport system. Requirements and standards for TIAs in South Africa have been described in the South African Traffic Impact and Site Traffic Assessment Manual. This one-day training workshop aims to provide the participants with the transport informants to conducting a TIA, the basic understanding on the relations between land development, transport and accessibility, and ways to manage/ control this relation. Examples of existing TIA studies, the set-up of TIA studies and TIA computer simulations will be given and discussed. After the course participants should be able to (more) confidently evaluate TIA recommendations.

Key questions addressed in the course

  • What are the transportation informants to a TIA (trip generation, trip distribution, modal split, assignment etc.)?
  • What role do the Land Use Master Plan and/or Access Management Strategy play in a TIA?
  • What are the primary issues when considering a TIA?
  • What should be the content of a TIA?
  • What tools should be utilized to produce a TIA?
  • How to adjudicate a TIA?
  • Primary aspects of a TIA – impact, mitigation, parking, public transport.
  • How to achieve consensus between Public and Private sectors?
  • Examples of analysis and conclusions/recommendations

Who should attend this course?

This training course is aimed at practitioners who either have a transport background and who have an interest in using transport models to conduct a TIA, or those who are tasked with evaluating TIA recommendations. Participants are expected to have looked at the South African Traffic Impact and Site Traffic Assessment Manual prior to the training.

PRESENTERS: Steven Sutcliffe and Prof. Mark Zuidgeest

Delegates can claim 1 ECSA CPD points