NEW COTO Specifications For Road and Bridge Works Chapters 2 & 3 17th June 2021

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SARF Virtual

COTO Specifications Chapters 2&3 presentations


The new COTO Standard Specification for Road and Bridge Works for South African Road Authorities, October 2020 was approved by the Committee of Transport Officials as a Draft Standard and will be replacing the COLTO Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Works for State Road Authorities (1998 edition). COTO Standards Specifications consist of 20 chapters. This course will cover Chapter 2: Services and Chapter 3: Drainage.

Chapter 2: Services is a total new chapter which covers different services found in the road reserve compared to the COLTO Specification which cover limited information on services.

Chapter 3: Drainage address both surface and subsurface drainage. Some of the specifications have been revised in the new document.

The course will familiarise practitioners with the changes to the COLTO Standard Specification, new specifications, measurement and payment items in these two chapters, as well as related sections in other chapters.

Practical hints relevant to specifications will be provided.


The course programme will include:

  • Overview of the COTO Specifications.
  • Chapter 2: Services
  • Section 2.1: General Requirements and Trenching for Services
  • Section 2.2: Dry Services
  • Section 2.3: Wet Services
  • Section 2.4: Energy and Other Services
  • Chapter 3: Drainage 
  • Section 3.1 Drains
  • Section 3.2 Culverts
  • Section 3.3 Concrete Kerbing and Channeling, Asphalt Berms, Chutes, Down Pipes as well as Concrete, Stone Pitching and Gabion Lining for Open Drains

Presenters : Johan Hattingh and Kobus van der Walt

Delegates can claim 1 ESCA CPD point

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Course Location

  • SARF Virtual
  • South Africa

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  • 2021-06-17 08:30   -   16:00
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