Road Safety Engineering Course (5 Day course) 12 – 16 August 2024 Gauteng

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ECSA CPD Service Provider: SP_035/2025


The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) initiated an update to the South African Road Safety Audit Manual (SARSAM), resulting in Draft TMH29 being available since 2022. This update extensively follows the Safe System Approach to road safety improvement. The Safe System Approach strongly emphasizes the integration of infrastructure, vehicles and users within appropriate speed regime to ensure that the risk of injury or fatality to all road users is minimized. In its simplest form this approach means “safe users on safe roads in safe vehicles at safe speeds”.

The South African Roads Federation (SARF) recognizes the need to provide specific training in road safety engineering to practically underpin and support the Safe System Approach and SARSAM. SARF has been responsible for the training of road safety auditors in line with the SARSAM guidelines for numerous years. The SARF Road Safety Audit course will be revised in line with the revised SARSAM Guidelines. ECSA registered engineers and technologists as well as registered road safety auditors are required to undergo regular relevant continuous professional development (CPD).

The Road Safety Engineering Course described herein forms an important foundation for road safety auditors as well as road authorities, highway designers and maintenance engineers in the quest to reduce the burden of injuries and fatalities resulting from road traffic accidents.


Siegfried Grosskopf

Klaus Smidt

Validation Number: SARF23/RSE-01/26 (5 CPD)

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  • 2024-08-12 08:00   -   2024-08-16 16:30
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