Traffic Impact Studies International 11-13 April 2022

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SARF Virtual

A complete step by step training course on how to prepare Traffic Impact Studies

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Currently, there are various manuals and guidelines that are available to carry out a TIS. However, the application of these manuals and guidelines can be a complex task due to various assumptions that are required in the preparation of a TIS. It can, therefore, be difficult to know how to conduct a TIS and on what assumptions to rely on in the preparation of a TIS. In addition, TIS’s require specific attention to meeting requirements of the client, various authorities and the general public and often these are competing requirements that make the preparation of TIS’s complex. This course is therefore intended to provide the delegate with comprehensive training relating to land use development (including aspects of SPLUMA “The Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 16 of 2013”), traffic engineering technical requirements and the application thereof for preparing TIS’s whilst considering various competing requirements. Moreover, detailed training will be provided relating to land use management and town planning aspects necessary for carrying out a TIS. This is a unique course whereby both the theoretical aspects and practical application of both traffic engineering and land use planning will be presented in relation to TIS’s. Worked examples will be presented to demonstrate the various technical aspects as well as requiring delegates to carry out exercises for the various aspects required when preparing TIS’s. 

COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is designed to discuss the steps involved in the preparation and/or review of a TIS report and include specific training on how to be proficient in the various technical requirements for the preparation of a TIS: 

  • What is a TIS, when is it needed, 
  • Who should conduct it, 
  • How to conduct it – the necessary theoretical and practical application covering various technical aspects including land use planning 
  • How to structure the report and how to review the report. 
  • The goal is to provide guidelines that can be utilised as a model to prepare and/or review these traffic impact studies 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS COURSE Junior planners and engineers in both public and private sectors responsible for the preparation and/or review of Traffic Impact Studies (TIS’s) for developments. Developers as well as officials, who are involved in site planning decision-making process, will also benefit from attending this course as well as experienced senior engineers and planners 

Delegates can claim 3 ECSA CPD points 


  • The basic information needed to carry out a prefeasibility of TIS 
  • Understanding town planning documents and requirements essential for the TIS including aspects of SPLUMA 
  • Understanding when and how to use transport planning information for TIS’s 
  • Defining the study area for the TIS 
  • Onsite investigation 
  • Identifying the duration, type and quantity of traffic surveys needed 
  • Estimating the traffic demand for the study 
  • Carry out the necessary modal split – pedestrian, private vehicle and public transport 
  • Categorisations of trips – primary, pass-by, internal, diverted and transferred trips 
  • Trip Distribution and Traffic assignment – models and manual estimation 
  • Traffic Analysis – for various elements of the transport system (freeways, arterial, local roads, intersections, pedestrian, bicycle and public transport) 
  • Mitigation measures 
  • Site Access, Circulation, Parking and Loading Team Workshop – delegates will be assigned groups and will be required to prepare a Traffic Impact study 

Presenter REVASH DOOKHI (PTOE, PrEng, MScEng, PMP)

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  • SARF Virtual
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  • South Africa

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  • 2022-04-11 08:30   -   2022-04-13 16:00
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