South African Engineer Iris Wink Is The First Woman In The World to Be Accredited As A Road Safety Audit Team Leader By IRF Global

Congratulations to Iris Wink who has been accredited as a Road Safety Audit Team Leader by the International Road Federation Headquarters in Washington DC. Iris is the first woman globally to be accredited by the IRF Global as a Road Safety Audit Team Leader, so this is a wonderful achievement especially coming in Woman’s month.

Iris has forwarded her feedback on the  Road Safety Audit Team Leader examination:

I actually enjoyed the exam – it is made up of the following steps:

  • Registration and questionnaire to be accepted into the exam
  • Study material in the form of a video (around 45 minutes per video) on the topics of Theory and Principles of Road Safety Audits (RSAs), Safe System Approach, Vulnerable Road Users and Roadside Safety Measures. The total study time depends on the student. I found it very interesting and enlightening what other countries are up to when it comes to adding Road Safety to Engineering projects.  The presentation of the videos was very approachable and interesting kept.
  • One then writes a 40 questions exam, of which one needs to pass at least 80%. This exam is thorough but for people who have experience in Road Safety Audits and have paid attention to the study material it is achievable. One get a second chance of writing the exam, of one should fail.
  • A further requirement is to write up three short essays about RSAs one has already conducted (the type of Audit – Findings – Recommendations, etc.). And an independent reviewer on IRFs side will then review those essays and give feedback.
  • Four letters of recommendations need to be handed in, showing that one has conducted RSAs to the satisfaction of the client as Authorities.
  • All the above will then be evaluated by the IRF, which takes a couple of weeks before receiving the answer.

To summarize – the IRF Global Credential Course for Road Safety Team Leader is valuable to gain a broader understanding of the topic.

Here is a link to an article published by the International Road Federation in Washington DC, please include it with this article.

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