Understanding and the Investigation of Road 8 – 10 September 2020

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Understanding and investigation of accidents



In recent years, the specific subject matter and knowledge of Traffic Accident Investigation, Reconstruction & Cause Analysis has become an increasingly specialised and important tool to the Judiciary, the Police Services, the Insurance industry, private companies and many related industry companies and services.

The attendance at any scene of an accident can be a very traumatic and often confusing situation in which to find yourself, be this as a result of you simply having happened upon the scene and stopping to assist, or that this forms part of your duties as member of one or another specialized service. Set aside the often extremely gruesome tragedy of such a scene, an accident scene very often involves many service providers, many safety issues and other factors that need to be considered over and above that of the rescue and recovery of patients and fatally injured, that will ultimately inform us of the cause of the accident. Understanding these many factors (holistically) from grass roots level will allow you to better deal with all aspects of the accident. It is this holistic understanding of the many aspects that relate to an accident that this training will assist you with and hopefully allow you to create a better understanding for yourself. Be that because you may assist others, that you yourself are ever involved in an accident that you have stopped to help someone in your private capacity or that it is part of your duties.

The training is based intentionally and as closely as possible on internationally accepted training standards. The training has evolved through updates and revision over time to the latest edition and serves as the basic guideline principals in this field. The training is tailored specifically to the needs of the understanding and investigation of traffic accidents within the South African context, particularly with reference to the laws and procedures of this country.

Presenters: Mr. Craig Proctor-Parker

Delegates can claim 3 ECSA CPD points

Understanding & Investigation of Traffic Accidents Manual 2020


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  • 2020-09-08 08:30   -   2020-09-10 16:00
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